About Us

Imagine a whole book on a single sheet. A bold art print on which, up close, you can read the full and complete text of your favourite classic work, right from "It was the best of times" to "a far, far greater thing".

Even before most people could read, books have been a bastion of human culture. Whether you love it because it changed your world view, or just made you happy for an idle hour, a favourite book can be a significant part of who you are.

At Spineless Classics we believe that having a great work form part of the backdrop of your life figuratively shouldn't stop you having it there literally.

Anyone who enjoys reading will have a favourite book and Spineless Classics are a unique way to enjoy literature in a new way – as wall hanging art.  Incredibly, the entire text of classic novels is fitted onto a single poster and then laid out in shapes that evoke themes from the plot.  Inspiring and unique, a Spineless Classic is the talking point of any room and a gift to treasure.

The concept was created and launched in England in 2007 by Carl Pappenheim.  After seeing a fine detailed architectural drawing being printed at his friend's studio, he wondered if he could fit an entire novel, printed small enough on a large enough sheet, onto a single page. He could, and he did, and Spineless Classics was born!

After spotting the posters in a UK magazine, Spineless Classics Australia was launched in 2011 by Phoebe who quickly established the brand as a firm favorite for those who love books and art (and who doesn't adore both!) making the prints a beautiful addition to any home or commercial space.

In 2017 Spineless Classics found a new home in sunny Perth where we continue to bring you exciting new designs and provide the same exceptional customer service. For customers local to WA you can visit our display at Homebase on Salvado Road, Subiaco (they have great coffee too!)

Any readers with ideas for new books to add or publishers and authors who wish to have their work immortalised as a Spineless poster are welcome to contact customer@spinelessclassics.com.au with ideas and requests.

Because turning the page was so last century!

Best wishes,
Spineless Classics, Australia